Friday, 10 September 2010

Delicious Halibut

As promised here's my review of our first taste of the produce from fishinabox.  On opening the box I was impressed by the lack of fishy smells - a good sign of really fresh fish - and the way the fish was filleted and packed, so a good start.
Lovely fresh fillets
The halibut fillets were large, meaty, a lovely creamy colour and smelt of the sea - gorgeous!  This fish was one of the best tasting and, I think, best value for money products that I've had in my kitchen...425g for just over £8.  Well done fishinabox, I'll be back for more...I've just got to finish the Craster kippers and Cornish sardines...yum!  

Roasted halibut on a spring onion rosti with tarragon buerre blanc served with Holly Grove french beans

The recipe I had chosen was a little time-consuming to prepare but worth every minute when we tasted the results.  The halibut tasted divinely of the sea and the flesh remained moist, creamy and meaty, gently flaking off with a fork.  The recipe can be found on BBC Food - I replaced the sorrel in the recipe with dried tarragon (about 1 tsp) as the sorrel in my kitchen garden wasn't up to scratch.

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