Sunday, 1 December 2013

How Did That Happen?

I know that time passes more quickly than we think (and probably faster still the older we get) but I can't believe that it's been 15 months since my last post on Holly Grove Kitchen. 

The Handyman and I haven't been idle in that period, in fact, we've completely redesigned and rebuilt our kitchen!  It's a project that's been years in the planning and over a year in the final execution...some of the structural work was completed 3 years ago.  So was it worth the time, effort and sleepless nights? 

Absolutely!  I really do have the kitchen of my dreams; my photos don't do it justice, but hopefully give a feel for where we started and what we've achieved.

The Handyman has made a stunning job of getting the structural work  spot on whilst I agonised over design: style of cabinets, colour, materials, taps, sinks, worktops etc, etc.  So much choice and so many possible combinations.  But, at last, here I sit at the table in my favourite room in the house writing a post I've been anticipating since I started this blog.

So now I'm back with lots of cooking and baking ideas to try out in my special space and to include in future posts, hopefully you'll rediscover Holly Grove Kitchen with me!
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