Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Tasty Tatties

As usual I made far too much creamed potato for our meal last night, so rather than waste what was left I popped it in the fridge and waited to be inspired.  This morning as I pondered what to have for my breakfast I remembered the mash.  What about some good, old traditional Scottish tattie scones (or potato scones to the uninitiated). 

unadorned scrambled egg with potato scones
These flatbreads are savoury and go very well with sausage, bacon and eggs in a traditional Scottish breakfast or just with a scrambled or poached egg. They also freeze very well, just allow them to defrost and then reheat in the frying pan or under the grill. 

A quick and simple recipe to use up leftover potato and tasty enough to encourage you to make more mash than you need.

with a dash of HP sauce
Tattie Scones
leftover creamed potatoes (potatoes boiled and mashed with milk and butter)
plain flour
pinch of baking powder

Mix the potatoes with enough flour (about 50g per 200g potato) and pinch of baking powder to make a soft dough.

Roll out the dough quite thinly and cut into about 6-8 scones and prick over with a fork.  Traditionally they should be triangular though mine were cut into rounds.

Heat a heavy based frying pan until hot then turn the heat to medium.  Cook the scones for 3 minutes each side, then remove from pan and cover with a cloth.  Eat warm with topping of your choice or cool and freeze for later.


Joanna @ Zeb Bakes said...

Ooh I must try these one day for breakfast, they sound simple and gorgeous and just perfect maybe with an eggy on top? We nearly always have left over mashed potatoes. What a great idea!

Susan@Holly Grove said...

Hi Joanna, thanks for your comment and I hope you enjoy the tattie scones.

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