Friday, 20 November 2009

Wedding Cake Marzipan

It's almost time to tackle the next stage of the wedding cake challenge - marzipan.

I've opted for a white marzipan rather than the usual golden colour and I am reading through the application techniques on various websites - can you tell I'm a bit nervous about this? After all it's only my elder son's and future DIL's wedding cake - arrgh! Wonder how they would feel about standing in front of it and obscuring it from view for the cutting the cake photos?

I may or may not post a photograph when I've finished the marzipaning - let's see how traumatised I am by the time I've completed this stage. Heaven knows how I'll get through the icing challenge - more on that in December.

1 comment:

Kells said...

Susan! I have just copied and pasted this on an email to Gordon, I feel bad ... I am sure you will do an amazing job, and it will taste perfect and look beautiful. Have the wine on standby .....

ps - made a leek & potato soup today & a winter veg, I am getting the hang of it. Although I think I need to vary the meals up a bit before G & I just look like a bowl of soup. Of round to see Mrs Coyle & Joe now, with the remainder of the butternut squash soup. I will let you know their verdict.


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